Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding at Lugger Bay

Saturday 2oth
Here's some pictures of my Cousin Stephens Wedding at Lugger Bay in South Mission Beach.
There in Thumbnails because there's allot of them, just click on them to enlarge, enjoy.

We had to walk along this track on the coast to get to the beach where the Wedding was Held.

This is on of the many views along the way to Lugger Bay. The Island in the Background is Dunk Island.

This is looking down onto the beach.

This is the beach the ceremony was held in the mid centre on the right of this Picture.

Steven and Lauren in the Middle.

Signing on a park bench

Stephen, Don and Karen (my Uncle & Aunt)

They had a Margarita/Slurpy Machine but these were Virgins.

Lets Cut some Cake

Lets Dance

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