Sunday, September 26, 2010

3D Cat Attacks the Moon

3D Cat Attacks the Moon

New T-shirts up at my Red Bubble page, '3D Cat Attacks the Moon', well an astronaut on the moon. This is a followup to my 3D Cat T-shirt that I posted up on Redbubble some time ago.

This picture was put together in Photoshop, with various images sourced from the internet. I used such adjustment layers as posterise and black & white to change the image from what it had originally looked like.

You can get them in three formats one for White, Black and other colours. I done one in white and black separately to help with the printing process, as it is not recommended to print white on white or black on black.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

YouTube Channel Design - Back Ground Image

This is my latest Youtube Channel Background, you can view it in my channel's page here on youtube. I was inspired buy this Tutorial: Creating a Retro Sci-Fi Poster, especially with the black around the borders. This image was put together with photoshop and the photo's I took from around Melbourne.

Adobe Photoshop CS5