Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspirational Stuff # 2

I saw this dark painting at Randy Dragons on Wednesday night, reminded me of Rothko's work. A little slap dash as it looks like someone has just found a painting with a gold frame and painted the inside with black(actually that exactly what it is). Something I could stare into for hours, let your imagination run free.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Iron On Mark 1

This is my pop art tribute to Iron Man, this is the first one (hopefully of many) and it’s a little ruff and ready. Enjoy.

You can get one here at Redbubble (the white is my pic)

Iron Man (Single-Disc Edition) 

Another Background

The other day I designed this background for Queenie's YouTube Channel, check it out at

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Iron Man (Test)

Something I did with Microsoft Paint back on the 12 of January (or completed then). I'm thinking I might do this again on my Wacom Tablet, for a T-Shirt. As you can see it's been inspired by some of the great Street Art you can see in Melbourne, and of course the Iconic Iron Man mask.
Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Collectors' Edition)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cassette Tape T-Shirt

Over the weekend I made this Cassette Tape T-Shirt Design. I've wanted to make one for a while and also need a new t-shirt.

I made a Black and White one. The Black version has the white and black removed and is more suited to a black t-shirt and White just has the white removed and it's more suited to a white t-shirt. Although the Black version can also been worn on a white t-shirt and would have a more faded look to it.

Check the Black and White versions at Redbubble.

Digital Scrapbook # 2 - Colours

Today I just finished two cassette tape t shirts over at redbubble (which I will post more about later) and was looking for a colour pallet to use. These colours I found on VHS tape cases online. I have always enjoyed using primary colours throughout the years, there is something that hits you in the face, giving the image impact.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Images of Las Vegas

Images taken while in Las Vegas back in October 2009 (it feels like a long time ago now)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Digital Scrapbook # 1

Faces, Colours & Dr Who

Ever since high school (1990) I've had this habit of keeping a scrap book, keeping ideas and images I find in books, newspapers, magazines and now in the modern day culture online. Last few days I thought I could do this but in a digital media by using images I find and putting them into one image, like in one of my scrap books. I've found that I've got all these images lying in a pile and I haven't yet stuck them into my journal, and hopefully this will be a more effective way, even though it's public.

These images I found in last weekends Good Weekend, taken with my camera and collated with Gimp software. I didn't use the scanner as it's way too slow and I have to turn the computer on. Digital camera's can be much more effective and quick at documentation, as long as you have the macro focus on.

The reason why I used Gimp is because this works with Portableapps. Portableapps is a software that is loaded in a USB drive and can be used with most Windows based PC's, which is great because I do use them quite a bit and it doesn't leave a footprint in the computer that your working on.

Game Over

I loved to play Doom back in the 90’s and the maps still stand out in my mind. This is a collage of maps from Doom (1) with the words Game Over cut out.

To make this I used the whole maps out of Doom 1 levels, then cut out the name Doom with a free  Doom font I found. Photoshop was the main program, but I used Gimp to select all the black, as this is to go on a black t shirt only.

The only problem I've been finding with uploading to Redbubble is some colours don't work out, where the original picture above is a little bit more colourful than what's up on Redbubble. I must find out what colours I can and can not use.

You can get one here at redbubble.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Robot Add's

While going through my things at Mum and Dad's I found these postcard add from Japan, and I have many more postcards I collected and have forgotten about them.

I found these add for these battling robot toys at a robot toy store, kind of like the warhammer stores, where you could buy the robots, make them, and battle them against other robots in the store table top arena.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Little Master

My Niece Lily Handy work with a brush and some paint, at 15 months she is really concentrating in making these paintings (painted on the 30/12/09).

Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Bad.

An idea I saw at work, my work mate had this as his computer background image.

get on here at Redbubble or Zazzle.

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Header

My new header picture. I've used a picture of a journal that on found on flicker with some Dawn of the Dead font. The size of the image is 700 x 120 pixels. I'm wanting to update this with a page from my new journal whenever I get around to buying a big one.

Dawn of the Dead (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Update to my Youtube Background

Some may or may not know or may not tell me that they know about my youtube channel. The other day I updated the background and was a little challenge due to the recent changes youtube made, and after some googling I found a templated (which I can't remember where from) and made this. It's full of things that I like and may best describe my channel.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

May 'Japan' Label

If you've been looking at my 'Japan' label on blogger, you've probably noticed all or most of the pictures have gone. This is due to at the time of 2005 blogger wasn't hosting pictures (maybe on there beta) so I had to host them on another website, being that of Geocities. Today I was looking at these post's, as this blog has been going for nearly 6 years, and noticed that they are all gone. This is due to Geocities being taken down form the internet by Google. It's not Googles fault as they did let me know via email that they were closing Geocities down, but I just didn't remember I was hosting any pictures on that website. Anyways have learnt so much in backing up files since then.

Iphone Art attempt # 3

The third attempt at drawing some with the iphone. This is meant to be my view outside, the problem with using my fingers you just can't get the detail. Also you can notice with the same app that I'm using you just can't get at the bottom of the screen, which is the right of the the painting you can see a white space which I couldn't fill.