Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Youtube Intro / Outro

The Music in this video is by Youtube user VortexProducer, check his other tracks out at

My Great Aunties old TV
The TV belong to my Great Aunt, but now resides at my Mum and Dad's, soon to be replaced by a flat screen TV. I altered the TV with photo shop using a posterise and black & white layers.


John Lacey said...

Love the new intro.

It's interesting I took some old furniture to the local dump recently and there were heaps of televisions there. You sort of forget what the introduction of digital television is doing to older technology. Hopefully someone finds a good use for them all. (Art installation perhaps?)

Greg said...

Yes Art Installations. I've got an old shell of a TV at my Mum and Dads, well they might of thrown it out by now, which I had intended to make some art piece out of it but this never had happened.

Thanks Mate