Saturday, September 27, 2008


While in Canberra I dropped in to the National Gallery of Art. They have a small but good collection of Modern Art, Contemporary, and New Stuff too. I was a little disappointed that they did not have one of my favourite Rothko's there (it's Marone and Black) and you can take non flash photo's there. When I lived in Canberra back in 2002, my ex girlfriend and I used to take pictures of Art without a problem, unless you used flash when taking a shot.

Some artists work that I liked were by Heather Ellyard 'Inventories and Commentaries' 2006 (oil on board, multi panel, text and pictures of great Artists; Jasper Johns 'Black Numeral Series 1968 (lithograph); Peter Graham 'Launch' 2007 (oil on canvas) transitional floating figures in this gohst form; and Eduardo paolozzi 'portfolio 'bunk!' 1972, colage looking pop screen print.

Jasper Johns 'Black Numeral Series 1968 (lithograph)

Eduardo paolozzi 'portfolio 'bunk!' 1972 Screen Print

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