Thursday, September 18, 2008

My time in Sydney

The weekend I went to a few pubs around Surrey Hills and other places with my mate Jamie and his Sydney Friends. Sunday was a real day of rest, sleeping in and eating nachos.

On Monday I walked into the CBD via a very quiet Oxford Street, which is usually heavily populated in the evenings due to its night life. I checked out the Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art. The Museum of Contemporary Art had a video exhibition called Video Logic which was very inspirational/motivational, and the Gallery of NSW had the Dobell Drawing prize. The rest of Monday I walked around the city, checking out some shops and buildings, including the new Apple shop. Monday night Jamie took me to Newtown for a couple of Pubs, Coopers and the Bank, with some pasta for dinner.

Tuesday I did the Tight Ass Tuesday and watched Tropic Thunder and In Bruges at Fox studios, with Tropic Thunder during the day by myself. Yes, no one else was in the cinema expect for myself. It kind of felt like a ghost town.

Here's some pictures of Me doing stuff.

This one at Circular Quay with a Sydney Opera House Hat

And here a very off centre picture of me at the Art Gallery of NSW .

I also wrote this on my other blog Streets of Melbourne about the lack of street art I saw in Sydney CBD and Surrey Hills.

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