Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Game Over

I loved to play Doom back in the 90’s and the maps still stand out in my mind. This is a collage of maps from Doom (1) with the words Game Over cut out.

To make this I used the whole maps out of Doom 1 levels, then cut out the name Doom with a free  Doom font I found. Photoshop was the main program, but I used Gimp to select all the black, as this is to go on a black t shirt only.

The only problem I've been finding with uploading to Redbubble is some colours don't work out, where the original picture above is a little bit more colourful than what's up on Redbubble. I must find out what colours I can and can not use.

You can get one here at redbubble.

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John Lacey said...

I used to come home from high school and play Doom II with all the cheats on. It was a therapeutic way to deal with the crap that was going on at the time... lol. I still play Doom - via a Flash game at on a fairly regularly basis. It's a great game.