Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Digital Scrapbook # 1

Faces, Colours & Dr Who

Ever since high school (1990) I've had this habit of keeping a scrap book, keeping ideas and images I find in books, newspapers, magazines and now in the modern day culture online. Last few days I thought I could do this but in a digital media by using images I find and putting them into one image, like in one of my scrap books. I've found that I've got all these images lying in a pile and I haven't yet stuck them into my journal, and hopefully this will be a more effective way, even though it's public.

These images I found in last weekends Good Weekend, taken with my camera and collated with Gimp software. I didn't use the scanner as it's way too slow and I have to turn the computer on. Digital camera's can be much more effective and quick at documentation, as long as you have the macro focus on.

The reason why I used Gimp is because this works with Portableapps. Portableapps is a software that is loaded in a USB drive and can be used with most Windows based PC's, which is great because I do use them quite a bit and it doesn't leave a footprint in the computer that your working on.

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John Lacey said...

I love the Gimp software. I actually bought a Corel graphics program years ago but decided to uninstall it in favour of the free software.