Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Design Festa: ART PIECE ROOM

Title: The Trip, Medium: Acrylic and Enamel, Date: 2005 (Please note that this is not the exact original but a composite of some the parts of the original and the original computer idea, Greg 9/8/2010)

On Sunday I placed a panel work up at Design Festa`s (DF) Art Peice Room. This is my last exhibition this time in Japan. DF gallery is fairly much an anything goes gallery, and you can see anything from fine art to graphic art to installations.

Statement in Japanese

Translated by Koich

Statement in English

This work was made while living in Japan. I am from Australia and have been living in Japan for the past 11 months.
I am inspired by pop culture, such as images from TV, movies and animation. I am also interested in finding beauty in the mistake.
My aim is to make these works look minimal and expressionistic.

The bottom picture you can see my bag, which is what I brought everything in with me to the gallery.

The short, small, exhibition is from 3 to 10 July, 2005. At DF gallery, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we could visit the gallery again - it's a great venue and great art work!!
From M & J