Thursday, December 24, 2009

T-Shirt Idea: 8 Bit Australia Historical Game

I had this idea the other day for a T-Shirt design, like one of those text and image role playing games from the late 80's early 90's, but with an Aussie twist, then I realised that in 1990 when I was in year 7, or was it year 8, we used to play this game called Gold Mine or Gold Rush on these BBC computers.

I found the above text from and is from a book by David Carnegie (1871-1900) called Spinifex and Sand. The picture was in created in the wonderfull Microsoft Paint, where I used a picture of the WA landscape mix with a dead horse and an old picture of Bourke and Wills. I painted of these to try and get some sort of 8 bit computer game feel to it. Microsoft Paint is such a basic tool for making things, but sometimes that can lead to making something very creative.


John Lacey said...

You did this in MS Paint? That's pretty damn amazing... Great concept too.

Greg said...

Yes it was MS Paint. It was fairly simple I was more of a collage and trace style - maybe that's cheating.