Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Childrens books do you like?

While hanging with my 11 month old Niece in Canberra it got me thinking what Childrens books did I read when I was young. I would also say that these books were one of my first encounter with art and more than likely has inspiration and influence my style.

As above Roald Dahl and illustration by Joseph Wright for What a Mess are two books that come to mind. What I liked about these books, and still enjoy is that these drawing can be enjoyed on multiple viewing's as there are many things going on.

What were your favourite books as a young child?

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John Lacey said...

My fondest memories of books during childhood revolve around Stephen Cosgrove's books for Serendipity Press including Leo The Lop. I must admit the reissues on Amazon do seem to have different artwork, or perhaps my memory is just wonky... lol... It is difficult to say.