Sunday, June 15, 2008

Light Box Animation

Gee I haven't posted here for awhile. I'm now scheduling posts over at Streets Of Melbourne which is a great feature of Blogger. Which I'm going to start using for this website. What I'm planning on doing is doing regular post's for drawing, about 3 times a week. I really find that I need goals and deadlines with my artwork, which gives me something to work and achieve, otherwise I may never show them to anyone and will slowly stop producing any artwork. I haven't had an exhibition for a while, the last was back in 2005 in Japan, but don't feel that what I'm doing now is suitable for galleries to display and feel that the whole gallery system is not suitable anymore. I get more people viewing my work online than people coming into galleries than I've ever had.

Back to the picture up the top. I bought a light box on Saturday at an art supply shop in Melbourne CBD, I've seen some people online do animation via a light box and looks fun. Especially with other adding to the work. I'm finding it very quick to make cells, although I'll have to scan them in and position them when I make the animation. I'll post the finished product here, and on YT. Hopefully I do some more and get some other people involved too.


RoboFillet said...

I'm really looking forward to your upcoming animations!

Greg said...

Thanks. It'll be a prick scanning them in, but hopefully worth it.