Thursday, January 24, 2008

76 - New Journal

I recently bought this new pocket Journal. Its one of those moleskin ones, expensive and with those stickers telling you the history of the company and what famouse artist once used them. I don't care about that it's just small, pocket size and with a hard back cover. The picture was made during Barrel of Monkeys at PBSfm and was scaned directly in. Usually I'll cut the page out of the book so its a much cleaner scan. Sweet. Also the pic below is from my new Microsoft Lifecam 7000, which isn't that good. Later.


Invictus Solis said...


I just wanted to say I like your Sketch up above. I look forward to seeing your future works, if you like you can find some of my work here.

The Outsider Artist By R.Mac.& Friends

Greg said...

Thanks. Will check it out.

kattt said...

loving your blog :D cute pic btw.

Greg said...

Thanks Kattt. Most appreciated.