Friday, June 03, 2005


A little known exhibition is being held at Sugita Cafe, about a 3 minute walk from the West side of Warabi Station. And is open from 10am - 5.45pm, and will finish on the 6th of June. Probably no one will go to this exhibition. I’m not attending the opening night as I`m catching up with The Koich on Saturday night.

The artists who are showing are Kris Brostrom, drawings/cartoons, Tennesse, USA; Eliss Maehara, photography, Washington, USA; RM Tunick, photography, California, USA; Zoe Colbertson, photography, Peensylvania, USA; Elicia O`reilly, pottery, Sydney Australia; Kim Dalton, photography, Missouri, USA; Alex Short, photography, London, England; Paul Hanna, photography, London, England; Greg, drawing/painting, Melbourne, Australia


Anonymous said...

That is me bending over in the photo! I am a star forever now.

The stuff on your website looks great you should have brought more to the show. But then space was kind of cramped.


Greg said...

Thanks. Yep thats you bending over. Kinda one of those impromptu pics, that I like to take.

Some of the stuff are photos of my sketch book (as I dont have a scanner big enough) and scanned.